PosturAbility(R) 2015 Marilynn Larkin, LLC 

Here's What People are Saying about PosturAbility Workshops

"Marilynn conducted a three-hour workshop that gave the selected participants a clearer insight into how posture can affect balance, self-confidence, and overall health. It was exciting to learn some techniques to use personally as well as using them to benefit the residents daily well-being."

Ann Richards, Director of Assisted Living & Memory Care, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo

"Thank you so much for presenting Posture Power to our membership this month!  We had an amazing live turnout and I can only imagine we will realize the same for our e-seminars."
Angie Ritterpusch, CRI, Assistant Director for Professional Development Programs, National Court Reporters Association

The women got so much out of the program--thanks to you and your incredible dedication! We could not have done it with out you. Thanks you so much for everything! Sounds like you continue to do good deeds everyday. You are an amazing women! Congrats!”

Lisa Tomanelli, MSW, Director of Employment Retention Programs, Dress for Success Worldwide

"You were terrific this evening. In retrospect, the most emotionally moving thing was how all those people, of different races, classes, and ages were able to do the exercises and enjoy them. The two people with dementia, who came with their caregivers, were expecially is  clear you are on to an idea worth pursuing."

Mary Mittlman, DrPH, Director of Psychosocial Research and Support Program, Silberstein Institute for Aging and Dementia, and Research Professor, Department of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine

"What a blessing it was to attend your session at the ASA/NCOA conference and to meet you personally. You do such a fantastic job of teaching how easy it is to achieve good posture but you also have that special spark that motivates others.It didn't take long for me to realize we are kindred spirits wanting to share with the world how important posture is to good health."

Mary Ann Wilson, RN, Creator/Host, SIT AND BE FIT

"Thank you for coming all the way across the countryto make a presentation to our WomanSage members. As you know, most of our members are professional women active in business and education. They were thrilled with your suggestions and some still talk about using the bands to help maintain posture in the workplace.There's simply not enough emphasis on this area of fitness. So many of us who have "hunched" over our computers for years are now paying a price (said she, who is recovering from a pinched sciatic nerve). Your program should be part of any business/fitness emphasis."

Jane Glenn Haas, Executive Director, WomanSage